Katie Coe

Katie is Sarahís younger sister.  She is 21 years old and works at the Galt House in downtown Louisville while attending the University of Louisville.  Despite the fact that when Katie was young, she would steal all of Sarahís stuff, Katie and Sarah have grown together as sisters and great friends in recent years.  Sarah and Katie like to plan family get-togethers with one another and they both know that they will always be able to count on each other for anything.  Sarah is happy that she has a sister like Katie.

Joey Coe

Joey is Sarahís youngest brother.  He turned 18 and graduated from Trinity High School this past summer. Joey is attending Western Kentucky University on a full scholarship and is studying broadcast journalism.  Will and Joey have become great friends over the five years that Will and Sarah have been dating.  Will loves to teach Joey guitar, and is constantly impressed by the things Joey does and the words he speaks. Will is grateful for Joeyís friendship, and canít wait to officially be his brother!


Jera Huff

Jera is Willís older sister.   Jera has always been the motherly type, from when Will was a young boy, to even now as he prepares to make his own family.  Jera has always looked out for Will and Sarah, helping them in any way she can.  Jera and Sarah have become best friends over the past five years, and enjoy traveling together, chatting, shopping and singing at karaoke parties! Jera has supported not only Will, but also Sarah as they made the journey to the couple they are today.  Sarah is so very excited that Jera is not only a friend, but is now going to be her sister.

BJ Atkinson

BJ is Willís older brother. Throughout Willís life, BJ has always been there to show him the ropes, help him out in tough situations, and get him into his fair share of trouble! BJ and Will share a quirky sense of humor, and a quiet laid-back style that they get from their father.  Growing up, BJ and Will fought like normal brothers do, but over the years have developed an understanding of each other that you donít find between most people. Will knows that no matter what the situation is, he will never be judged by BJ, and is thankful that he can also call his brother his friend.

Brooks Power

Brooks and Sarah have been friends since 8th grade. They were inseparable all during their years at Assumption High School, and always seemed to get into some sort of mischief together! Brooks and Sarah stayed friends, even when they went to different colleges in different states! Even after all these years, Brooks and Sarah still enjoy each othersí company, and though their lives have drastically changed from those school years, they still are there for each other!

Michael Coe

Michael is Sarahís younger brother, he is 25 years old.. Will and Michael always have fun times when they get together!  Michael and Will share a love of the University of Louisville sports teams, the family Lambroast and jamminí the blues around a campfire!  Will knows that he can always count on Michael for his support and help if the need ever arose.  Michael has become like family to Will, and Will is excited for Michael to be his brother.

Andrea McNair

Sarah has known Andrea since her junior year in high school.  Andrea has always been a close friend and mentor to Sarah.  When Andrea gave birth to her son, Cade, Sarah was probably more excited than Andrea herself!  Now that Andrea lives in a different state, it is harder to see one another, but Sarah always looks forward to their visits together.  Andrea and her family have been like an extended family to the Coes, and Sarah knows that she can always count on Andrea for advice, love, and help if she needs it.

Kevin Huff

Kevin is Willís brother in-law.  From the first time Will met Kevin, he could tell he was one of the genuinely nicest guys he had ever known.  Kevin has always treated Will like family, and has helped him out on many, many occasions, and will be there to help him out for many, many more!  Kevin has shared invaluable knowledge and skills with Will over the years. Will would not be where he is today without the opportunities, guidance, and education that he has received from Kevin.  From the day Kevin married Willís sister, Will gained a true friend.

Marcela Newman

Marcela and Sarah became friends in high school when they bonded over their love to talk about their boyfriends! Sarah and Marcela have supported each other over the years, and remained great friends. Sarah loved helping Marcela plan her wedding last year, and knows Marcela is excited to help her! Sarah and Marcela can talk about anything together, and still try to get together as often as possible, even though they live 3 hours apart. Through hard times, and through happy and exciting times, Marcela has always been there for Sarah.

Matt Petty

What can one say about Matt Petty?  He is truly the reason that Will and Sarah are together today (thanks Matt!)  When Will had no place else to go, Matt opened his door to him.  Will attended classes with Matt at Vanderbilt (way to steal a free education!). Together they saw some really great music, spent hours at local coffee shops, and made it their mission to find all the best places to eat in Nashville. Matt has always been a great friend and Will is glad that they have remained close despite the distance between them.

Alaina Barkley

Alaina and Sarah became friends in high school, where they had many fun and crazy times together!  Over the years, Alaina and Sarah have become closer and closer as friends, and now they talk on the phone almost every day!   Sarah loved helping Alaina prepare for her first child who was born this past November (Its a Girl!!), and knows that each phase of life from here on out will only bring her and Alaina closer.  Sarah can count on Alaina as a friend for the rest of her life.

Jason Newman

Jason is the husband of one of Sarahís best friends.  Will and Jason originally became friends because Sarah and Marcela dragged them both along when they went out!  Jason and Will have scaled walls, played ice golf and smoked many fine cigars together.  Whenever Will and Jason are in each othersí company, you can be sure a cookout and campfire are close to follow.  Will knows that whatever  the task, Jason will always be  willing to help out.

Amber Helsel

Amber and Sarah were randomly assigned as roommates their first year of college at Vanderbilt University.  They were in a room with four girls, but found friendship in each other.  During college, Amber and Sarah did everything together!   Throughout their time as roommates,  Amber and Sarah planned their weddings with each other, and now that itís really happening, they get to plan it together again!  Sarah and Amber helped each other through their college years, and they will always be there to help each other through the rest.

Raymond Highers

Will and Raymond have been the best of friends since the 7th grade. While there wasn't much to do in Lebanon, Tennessee, Will and Raymond always appreciated each others company and created a good time! Will considers Raymond as part of his family, and loves him like a brother. Will and Raymond both grew up loving music, and playing it together.  Even though there are many miles between them, Will and Raymond know that no matter what happens, they will always be best friends ready to help each other out.


Jennifer Stewart




Jennifer and Sarah met in college, and quickly became friends!  Jennifer is a good friend of both Will and Sarahís and is always up for a weekend getaway to come visit!  Jennifer and Sarah love to chit chat and then ďbebopĒ to Jenniferís music late at night!   Sarah knows that if she ever needed anything Jennifer would be there in a heartbeat.

Kathleen Lambert

Kathleen and Sarah have been friends since 5th grade, when they were 10 years old!  Kathleen and Sarah have practically grown up with one another, and have stayed friends through it all!  When Sarah and Kathleen get together, it seems like no time has passed.  Kathleen will always be in Sarah's life.


Susan Parr

Sarah and Susan met when Sarah was in preschool.  Susan was her dance teacher. As the years progressed, Susan became a close friend of the family, and then lived in Europe with the Coes as their nanny.  Sarah and Susan always had a special bond as Sarah grew up, and they have stayed in touch over the years.  Susan will forever be an important part of Sarah and her family. 


Nicholas Gunnell

Nicholas is four years old, but Will and Sarah have known him since he was only three weeks old!  Sarah was Nicholasís first nanny, and loves him so much she still continues to hang around even though she lives in a different city now.


Emersyn McNair

Emersyn is two years old.  Will and Sarah have known her since she was born!  She is such a cutie, Will and Sarah are glad that she can be a part of their wedding.

Natasha Evanoff Natasha will be nine years old at the time of the wedding. She is Sarah's cousin. Natasha lives in California and is so excited to be in her cousin, Sarah's wedding!
Sophia Evanoff Sophia will be six years old at the time of the wedding. She is also Sarah's cousin, and Natasha's little sister. Sophia loves playing with her new puppy, and is very excited to come to Kentucky for the first time ever.


Camron Huff

Camron is Willís nephew.  He is ten years old and is a great athlete!  He loves to play guitar with his Uncle Will and canít wait for Sarah to be his Aunt.


Nathan Huff

Nathan is Willís nephew.  He is eight years old and loves to play video games with his Uncle Will.  Nathan says that he wants to live in Kentucky with Will and Sarah when he grows up.


Slater Coe

Slater is Sarahís Cousin

Ben Johnson Ben is a close friend of both Sarah and Will
Paul Schmitt Paul is the boyfriend of Sarahís sister, Katie
Nick Page Nick is Sarahís Cousin
Stephen Page Stephen is Sarahís Cousin


Kelly Coe Kelly is Sarahís Cousin
Kay Pence Kay is the girlfriend of Sarahís brother, Michael


Sarah Woods

Woods has been a close friend of Sarahís since high school


Chris Green

Chris is a close friend of  Will's and Sarahís


Chelsea Atkinson Chelsea is Willís niece, she is ten years old and the daughter of Will's brother, BJ
Dylan Atkinson

Dylan is Willís nephew, he is seven years old and the son of Will's brother, BJ

Tyler Atkinson Tyler is Willís nephew, he is four years old, and the youngest son of Will's brother, BJ